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패션 - 컬렉션 05/14

루이 비통과 게임 예술(Art of Gaming): 르 바비풋(Le Babyfoot)

루이 비통이 하우스의 첫 바비풋 게임 테이블을 공개한다.

Crafted for collectors, this masterfully constructed and fully functional foosball table is meant to be enjoyed by both young and old alike. The table outfitted with hand-painted players inspired by a 1921illustration of a bellboy from Louis Vuitton’s archives as well as sleek cowhide-covered handles. Available in classic canvas Monogram or Damier, brightly hued Epi leather, or a naturally dyed cowhide, this imposing piece is enhanced by subtle Louis Vuitton symbols such as counting coins inspired by the Monogram Flower.