배터리 차저 포 땅부르 호라이즌 워치

 워치 & 주얼리 워치 스트랩 & 액세서리 배터리 차저 포 땅부르 호라이즌 워치 | 루이비통 공식 온라인 스토어®
배터리 차저 포 땅부르 호라이즌 워치

든든한 여행의 동반자가 되어줄 땅부르 호라이즌 충전기.

제품 세부 정보

Charger for Tambour Horizon Light Up watches composed of:

  • A USB cable and a magnetic pad for charging your watch
  • Two interchangeable protective key holders in Brown and Eclipse Monogram canvas, to protect your charger when not in use
  • A leather cable tie, to adjust the length of your cable

This charger provides a full charge in 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • The Tambour Horizon Light Up charger comes with a 1-year guarantee (specific rights may apply for certain countries). You can refer to the Warranty for additional information.
  • For any questions regarding the Tambour Horizon watch, you can refer to the quick start guide.

This charger is not compatible with the first and second generations of Tambour Horizon connected watches.